Review: Kohl’s Credit Card

kohls-credit-cardThe Kohl’s credit card is a credit card that can be used only for purchases at a Kohl’s department store or online at In almost every review of a department store credit card such as this, we would tell you that the card is only worth having if you pay off your full credit card balance each month. The reason is the exorbitant interest rates that store credit cards usually have — in the case of Kohl’s, that rate is 24.74%.

In addition, this card can only be used at Kohl’s; it is not accepted anywhere else. Here at Credit Card Catalog we generally advise you to shy away from cards tied to a single retailer unless there is a very compelling reason to have that card. Opening new credit lines can hurt your credit score, especially if you don’t have a great credit history.

That said, if you DO pay off your balance each month and you DO have a good credit history, the Kohl’s credit card can be a good thing for frequent Kohl’s shoppers. It offers:

  • 25%-30% off your first order after being approved for the card. (The percentage offered changes frequently.)
  • An additional 15% off your first order once your card arrives in the mail.
  • Monthly discounts of 15%-30% on merchandise exclusively for Kohl’s charge card customers
  • Greater discounts to MVC (Most Valuable Customers) that spend at least $600 with their Kohl’s cards in a year.

We would caution you NOT to get the Kohl’s card for the one-time 25%-off deal, though. Instead, get the card if you are a regular Kohl’s customer who believes you will take advantage of the future discounts the card offers. Remember, the minute you start piling up charges and not paying off your balance, the interest you pay on the Kohl’s credit card will essentially cancel out all the discounts the card provides!

The Kohl’s credit card is issued in partnership with Capital One. You can apply for the Kohl’s credit card via this online application.