Review: Harley-Davidson Credit Card

harleycreditcardThere are 2 Harley-Davidson credit cards issued in partnership with US Bank. One is a standard rewards card, and one is a secured credit card. See below for our overview / review of each offering:

  • The Harley-Davidson Visa offers you the ability to rack up points toward H-D Gift Cards, which can be used at Harley dealers for parts, accessories, apparel, etc. You’ll get 3 points per dollar spent with the card at Harley-Davidson dealerships, 2 points per dollar at gas station, restaurant, bar and lodging merchants, and 1 point per dollar everywhere else. You get a $25 H-D Gift Card for every 2500 points you accumulate. With an interest rate ranging from 14.49% to 23.49%, you need to be careful not to carry a balance on this one, especially if you are accepted on the high end of that range. Apply via this online application.

  • The Harley-Davidson Secured Credit Card is for people who don’t qualify for the standard Harley Visa because their credit is bad or they have little to no credit history. A secured credit card required you to deposit money into an account, and then you have a credit line equal to the amount you’ve deposited. However, your card purchases are not deducted from your deposit; you still get billed like any other credit card and you make a payment each month. The money you put down up front is a security deposit just like one you might pay for an apartment rental. You get the security deposit back if and when you cancel the card. (Provided your balance is zero.) While you do have to put down a deposit, the card has no annual fee otherwise, which is very good for a secured card. This card offers you 1 point per dollar charged to the card, and you get a $25 H-D Gift Card for every 2500 points you earn. You can also apply for this card via online application.