eBay Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Information

If you are looking to make a payment on your eBay MasterCard online or by mail, or to reach customer service for help concerning your card, all the information you need is below:

  • The eBay credit card is integrated into your PayPal account, so if you want to make a payment online, first you must log in to PayPal. Once logged in, select the eBay Mastercard from the PayPal “Wallet” tab in order to pay. (Note that if you are using PayPal for the first time, you’ll have to add bank account information in order to make a payment.)


If you would prefer to mail in your eBay credit card payment, the mailing address is:

eBay MasterCard
P.O. Box 960080
Orlando, FL 32896-0080

Finally, if you need to reach Synchrony Bank, the issuer of the eBay credit card, for customer service help, the phone number is 1-866-419-4095.