Catalog Credit Cards

catalog-pileCatalog credit cards are cards that offer you credit but only when you make purchases from a catalog of merchandise offered by the card issuer. While anyone can get a catalog credit card, the cards are often marketed to people with bad credit who can not otherwise buy on credit. Catalog credit cards are listed below, starting with Fingerhut, one of the best-known and longest-running names in the catalog industry:

  • Fingerhut – Internet/catalog retailer with a long history of working with people who’ve had “credit challenges in the past.” Lets you finance items from its extensive catalog of clothing, electronics, home furnishings, more.
  • Blair Credit Card – Discount clothing, housewares and jewelry catalog offers its own credit card that allows you to pay for your purchases over time.

  • Stoneberry – This online catalog / store is more than happy to have you buy on credit so that you don’t notice the inflated prices they charge on everything they sell.
  • Improvements Catalog – Housewares catalog / Web site offers you credit but at a very high 27.49% interest rate.
  • Seventh Avenue – Home and clothing catalog offers a buy now, pay later credit card that lets you buy on credit with very small payments.
  • Metrostyle – Women’s apparel and accessories catalog and online retailer offers a credit card with a points rewards program.
  • Chadwicks of Boston – Women’s catalog retailer will be happy if you buy on credit, thanks to their credit card’s 25.49% interest rate.
  • Montgomery Ward – Buy now and pay later — take up to 20 months, but watch that interest rate over 20%.
  • Newegg – Online-only marketplace offers credit at a whopping 29.99% interest rate, but also has 0% financing offers on larger purchases. Sells its own items and also partners with other retailers , so there is a bigger selection here.
  • Horizon Gold – Offers a $500 credit limit and allows you to buy merchandise through an online ecommerce site set up by the company. Approval is guaranteed and having a bad credit history is fine.
  • Gettington – Owned by the same company that owns Fingerhut, Gettington also offers credit on items you purchase from its exclusive catalog.
  • Midnight Velvet – Women’s fashion catalog offers credit direct to its customers. Sister store to Seventh Avenue.