Review: Carpetland Credit Card

carpetland-credit-cardThe Carpetland Color Tile Visa is a credit card that allows you to buy carpet, tile, hardwood and other flooring on credit. It is issued in partnership with Wells Fargo.

However, it’s a financing deal you definitely want to think twice about.

Why? Check out the card’s 28.99% interest rate!

Carpet and other flooring is not cheap, and you do not want to be suddenly putting hundreds or thousands of dollars on a credit card that is charging you almost 30% in interest. You would be much better off looking for a special financing deal that allows you to buy at 0% for a period of time, or use a different credit card that you already have with a smaller interest rate.

That said, the choice is yours. You can apply for a Carpetland Color Tile credit card online or in-store.

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