Can the Victoria’s Secret credit card be used at Bath & Body Works?

victorias_secret_credit_card2Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works are owned by the same company, L Brands. As far as we can tell, you can use your Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card inside a Bath & Body Works store, but you can not use it online at

However, do not expect to use your Victoria’s Secret credit card to rack up points on Bath & Body Works purchases. According to the fine print on the Victoria’s Secret credit card site maintained by its issuing bank, Comenity, “Purchases made at Bath & Body Works do not earn points, nor can Angel Rewards be redeemed at Bath & Body Works.”

So, while it may be convenient to put your Bath & Body Works purchases on a Victoria’s Secret credit card, it appears you won’t earn any rewards for doing so, and you can’t use the points you do have toward B&BW purchases.

One final note: the Victoria’s Secret credit card has a 25.24% interest rate, so don’t use it at all unless you are going to completely pay off your card balance each month! Otherwise, the interest you pay will essentially cancel out any rewards you receive!