Review: BMW Credit Card

bmw-credit-cardBMW offers 3 credit cards with varying levels of rewards. Which you choose (if any) will depend on how much you generally spend with your credit card and how much you spend on BMW services and products. Below we offer a review / overview of each BMW card:

  • At first glance, many potential cardholders will probably want to opt for the no-annual-fee BMW Visa Card. However, unless you really make A LOT of BMW purchases, you’d be better off just getting one of the top-of-the-line cash back credit cards, because you’d get greater rewards that way. This card offers 1 point per dollar on all purchases but you get 3 points per dollar on BMW Center purchases. You can use your points for various BMW-related rewards, including redeeming points toward a BMW vehicle. This card does have a nice bonus opportunity that makes it a bit more attractive. You’ll get 30,000 extra points if you use the card for at least $2000 in purchases within 90 days, which should equal about $300 in value when redeemed.

  • The BMW Signature Card offers more rewards but has an annual fee of $75. It offers 4 points per dollar on BMW purchases, 2 points per dollar on gas purchases, and 1 point per dollar everywhere else. Unless you really spend a lot on gas and BMW goodies, this one is not so easy to justify when compared against a good general-market cash back card. Like the card above, you can also earn that bonus 30K points if you spend $2000 with the card in the first 90 days of having it.
  • The BMW Ultimate Card is only offered to those who put $50,000 or more on their card each year — you have to be invited to get this card. It offers greater rewards, including 5 points on BMW stuff, 3 points on gas, and 1 point everywhere else. $75 annual fee.

You can apply for the BMW credit cards online or or at a BMW dealership.