Best Points Credit Cards

When credit card rewards really started ramping up in the late 1990s/early 2000s, it was all about points. You’d earn points on your purchases and then redeem them for merchandise, travel vouchers, gift cards, etc. These days many people turn their nose up at points, preferring cash back or miles.

But there are still good points credit cards out there — here are the four best. To qualify for this list, a credit card must offer something tangible that you can buy with points, whether that’s merchandise or experiences as part of its program.

  • Amex Everyday Credit Card – Get 2 Membership Rewards points per dollar on purchases at U.S. supermarkets, and 1 point per dollar on everything else. (20%-point bonus if you use the card for 20 or more transactions in a month.) Redeem points for cash, merchandise, travel, etc. You can get a one-time 15,000-point bonus if you use the card for at least $1000 in purchases in the first three months.
  • NFL Extra Points Credit Card – The points formula is not so generous — you get 1 point for every dollar charged to the card, and points are generally worth a penny each. However, you get rewards options you can’t get elsewhere, including the chance to meet current and former NFL players, game ticke5s, or merchandise from your favorite team.

  • M&T Bank Visa Signature – On the surface this looks like many other cash back cards offering a flat 1.5% cash back rate (which is a good thing right there). But your rewards come in the form of 1.5 points per dollar, which can be used for other rewards in addition to cash, including merchandise and experiences like hot air balloon rides, race car driving experiences, etc.
  • Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card – Get 3 points per dollar at U.S. gas stations, 2 points per dollar at U.S. restaurants, and 1 point per dollar on everything else. In addition to the standard cash back and travel reward options, this card offers all kinds of merchandise for points, and also holds online auctions for vacation packages paid for completely with points.