Animal Charity Credit Cards

wwf-ccThere are many credit cards on the market that you can use to help raise money for non-profit animal organizations. Some cards are from animal charities that help animals in need, while others support organizations and associations of certain breeds or types of animals. Some animal charity credit cards you might consider:

  • Big Cat Rescue Credit Card – Visa credit card supports this organization that provides a sanctuary for tigers, lions, etc. that have been abandoned, abused, threatened, or for whatever reason in danger.
  • Defenders of Wildlife Credit Card – Earn cash rebates on your card purchases while also doing a bit to help this animal and plant conservation organization.
  • Ducks Unlimited Credit Card – Visa card benefits this waterfowl and wetlands conservation organization.
  • Farm Sanctuary Visa – Credit card helps this advocacy group for the rights of farm animals, in particular the treatment of animals in factory farming.
  • National Wildlife Federation Visa – Earn cash back while also helping this animal organization.
  • PETA Visa – Credit card benefits well-known non-profit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
  • World Wildlife Fund Credit Card – Earn rewards on your purchases while also having a percentage of your purchases go to the WWF.