Review: Ace Hardware Credit Cards

ace-hardware-credit-cardAce Hardware, in partnership with US Bank, offers 2 Visa credit cards (1 consumer card & 1 business credit card) that offer rewards for shopping both inside and outside of Ace stores. See below for our overview / review of the card:

The Ace Rewards Visa cards can be used at Ace Hardware stores or anywhere else that Visa is accepted. Both the consumer credit card and business credit card offer reward points using the following (extremely confusing) formula:

  • Get 15 points per dollar (equal to 3% of the purchase prices) on Ace Hardware store purchases.
  • Get 10 points per dollar (2% of purchase price) on gas and grocery purchases
  • Get 5 points per dollar (1% of purchase price) on all other purchases

Though the points given out sound generous, you ultimately need 12,500 points to get a $25 rewards certificate toward future Ace purchases — so the card is actually in line with many other rewards credit cards, it just uses a different formula to get there.

Both Ace credit cards have the same interest rate range — you could get approved at a rate as low as 15.24% if you have good credit, but as high as 24.24% if your credit history is shaky.

Overall, this card only makes sense to get if you are a frequent shopper at Ace Hardware, because only the 3% reward on Ace purchases is significantly better than the rebates you’ll find on many general market consumer credit cards.