Review: AARP Credit Card

aarp-credit-cardThe AARP Rewards Visa Signature Card, issued in partnership with Chase, offers an appealing cash back formula, though it’s not our favorite cash back credit card. Our overview / review of the AARP credit card is below:

AARP credit card holders get:

  • 3% cash back on gas station and restaurant purchases
  • 1% cash back on all other card purchases.

You can also earn a $200 bonus right off the bat if you spend at least $500 with the card in the first 3 months after getting it. This is a very high bonus in today’s market, especially for a card that does not have an annual fee.

There are no earnings caps with the card, and rewards can also be used toward travel, gift card, or merchandise rewards.

The card has an interest rate range of 17.49% to 24.24%, meaning you could be approved at any interest rate within the range, depending on Chase’s assessment of your credit history.

Overall, this is a solid cash back credit card with a very enticing upfront bonus offer. It might be worth it to carry this card for your gas and restaurant purchases, and use a second card with a better flat cash-back rate for all your other purchases.

You can apply for the AARP credit card via this online application.