What’s the best credit card for me?

cards225Everyone wants to know what the best credit card is, but nobody wants to hear the real answer: there is NO best credit card, only the best credit card for you. Consider:

  • If you have a balance on your credit card, the best card for you is the one with the lowest interest rate.
  • If you pay your full balance every month, the best credit card for you is a rewards credit card, BUT…
  • The best rewards card for you depends on… you. Do you want airline miles, cash back or gift cards, points toward merchandise rewards, or some other rewards scheme?

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Review: University of Michigan Credit Card

university-michigan-credit-cardThe Alumni Association for the University of Michigan, in partnership with Bank of America, offers a credit card that lets you earn some rewards while flashing your U of M credentials and presumably giving a little bit back to the Alumni Association with each purchase (though this isn’t specifically stated anywhere on the Web site of the Alumni Association or the card’s online application).

The full name of the card is the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan Cash Rewards Visa Signatur, and it is basically a standard Bank of America credit card customized with the U of M logo design. Bank of America offers this same card with a different design to consumers nationwide.
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Citi Double Cash vs. Capital One Quicksilver

citi-double-cash-vsIf you’re trying to decide between the Citi Double Cash Card and the Capital One Quicksilver credit card, the decision seems easy — after all, the Citi card essentially gives you 2% cash back vs the 1.5% cash back offered by the Capital One Quicksilver. But are there other factors to consider? Let’s take a closer look at which card may be right for you.

The Citi Double Cash Card is a MasterCard that offers you essentially 2% cash back, but with an uncommon formula. You earn 1% cash back immediately on your card purchases, and then another 1% back on the balances you pay back. If you pay off your complete balance every month, you earn 2% cash back immediately; if you revolve your balances, it takes longer to get the full 2%, but you will get it as long as you eventually pay off your balances. (Note that you don’t get cash back on any interest you pay if you carry a balance month-to-month.)
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Sheetz Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Information

sheetz-credit-cardThe Sheetz credit card is issued in partnership with First Bankcard/First National Bank of Omaha, and it is First Bankcard that you will deal with when it comes to making your card payment online or by mail, or if you need customer service help. Information on completing any or all of these tasks is below:

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Review: Barclays Credit Cards

Barclays Bank offers 3 main credit cards under its own brand. (It also serves as the issuing bank for a number of other prominent cards such as the Uber Visa, NFL credit card, etc.) Below we offer a short review of Barclays’ own credit cards:

  • The Barclays Arrival Plus World MasterCard offers “miles” equal to a penny per mile in airline/travel benefits. (For example, 10,000 miles equals $100 of travel benefits.) The card has an $89 annual fee. It offers 2 miles per dollar on all purchases, plus a 60,000-mile bonus if you use it for at least $5000 in spending in the first 90 days. Every time you redeem your miles, you get a head start on your next redemption by having 5% of the amount you just redeemed put back into your account. If you can hit that bonus, (which requires a pretty high spend), you end up with a very nice reward in the first year, but in subsequent years you’d end up paying an $89 annual fee for a card that is essentially the same as a 2% cash back credit card, and there are 2% cash back cards on the market with no annual fee at all.

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