Sears Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Information

sears_logo_2Sears credit cards are issued in partnership with Citibank, and here’s all the information you may be looking for to access your account online via Citi, get your bill paid, or to reach a Sears credit card customer service representative by telephone:

  • To log in and pay your Sears credit card bill online, go here.

If you want to pay your Sears credit card bill by mail and you have a Sears Card or Sears MasterCard, use one of the two payment addresses below, with the first being the store card and the second being for the Sears MasterCard (other Sears credit addresses are here):

Sears Card Payments
PO Box 183081
Columbus, OH 43218-3081


Sears MasterCard Payments
P.O. Box 183082
Columbus, OH 43218-3082

  • If you want to reach Sears credit card customer service (via Citibank) by phone, call 1-800-917-7700 for the Sears store card or 1-800-669-8488 for the Sears MasterCard.

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