Review: Sheetz Credit Card

sheetz-credit-cardSheetz gas stations & convenience stores, in partnership with First National Bank of Omaha, offers a credit card that gives you an immediate gas discount as well as the ability to earn points toward other rewards. Our overview / review of the card is below:

The Sheetz credit card is a Visa card, meaning that you can use it at Sheetz as well as anywhere else that Visa is accepted (which is almost anywhere). This wide acceptance is a point in the card’s favor — if you’re going to open a new credit card, it’s best to get one that you can use at more than just a few locations.

We like the Sheetz Visa’s discounts and rewards, too. You get:

  • 5 cents off every gallon of gas bought at Sheetz with the card (plus another 3 cents off per gallon if you have the MySheetz card for a total of 8 cents per gallon)
  • 5 points per dollar on non-gas purchases at Sheetz
  • 1 point per dollar on all other card purchases.

You can then use the points you earn toward cash back, Sheetz gift cards, travel rewards and more.

The Sheetz credit card has no annual fee, and has an interest rate of 15.99%, 17.99%, or 19.99%, depending on your credit history. Those rates range from OK to too-high, but they are not out of sorts for the credit card industry in general.

Overall, the Sheetz Visa provides a good value for consumers who are in the habit of paying off their complete card balances each month. You can apply for the Sheetz credit card via this online application.

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