Which is the best credit card?

credit-cards-smallEveryone wants to know what the best credit card is, but nobody wants to hear the real answer: there is NO best credit card, only the best credit card for you. Consider:

  • If you have a balance on your credit card, the best card for you is the one with the lowest interest rate.
  • If you pay your full balance every month, the best credit card for you is a rewards credit card, BUT…
  • The best rewards card for you depends on… you. Do you want airline miles, cash back or gift cards, points toward merchandise rewards, or some other rewards scheme?

See? There is no best credit card. But we are happy to give you our ideas on the top credit card or cards in various categories, in order to help you choose which card is best for you:

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Are You Better Off Filling Out An Online Credit Card Application or Waiting For Credit Card Applications In The Mail?

credit-cards-smallAt a previous job reporting on credit cards, I was chided by a rep from one card company for discussing the specifics of certain credit card offers, such as interest rate, rewards program terms, introductory rates, etc. His logic was this: the credit card offers that you see on the Internet are not necessarily the same as the credit card offers that come to your mailbox, so it was impossible to specify the terms for any particular card.

For example, you might go to one of the big banks’ Web sites and decide to apply for a rewards credit card only to get an offer in the mail days later that actually offers a better rewards formula. Or you might see an offer for a 0% rate on purchases for 6 months online, only to get a mail offer of 0% on card purchases for 12 months. Conversely, you might get rejected for a card offer online, only to get mail days later from the same company offering you the same card with slightly worse terms than the card you saw online.
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Ford Service Credit Card

ford-credit-cardFord dealerships are now offering a Ford Service credit card that customers can use to pay for repairs as well as parts and accessories, tires, extended service plans and more.

The card, offered in partnership with Citibank, is offered only through participating Ford dealerships, so if you want to apply, you’ll need to visit a dealership for an application.
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Do balance transfers earn points?

credit-card-handBeing the greedy credit card users we are, we not only want to transfer our card balances to a 0% credit card, we also want to get reward points or miles for the money we transfer over. But can we do that? Do you get points on balance transfers?

The answer is no. Well, actually the answer is rarely. Every so often you will see a limited-time offer to earn points on balance transfers, but as a rule the card companies do not make money on balance transfers, so you can’t expect they will give you points for them.
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Cash Rebate Credit Cards

upromise-credit-cardOur favorite type of reward card is one that gives you a rebate in cold, hard cash. Sure, it’s nice to get travel rewards or gift cards, but in our book the best option is to get cash that you can use any way you want. Below we list some of the best cash rebate credit cards currently on the market, all offering at least 1% cash back, but usually more.
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Cruise Credit Cards

cruiseshipIf you are a cruise fan — and there is definitely a cruise cult out there — you might be interested in one of the credit cards listed below, either direct from cruise lines or cards offering special cruise rewards:

  • Carnival World MasterCard – Earn “FunPoints” that can be used toward future cruises or toward your onboard charges while cruising on a Carnival ship and sister cruise lines including Princess Cruises and Holland America. You get 2 points per dollar on purchases you make with the card on Carnival cruise purchases, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases, plus at least 5,000 free points when you use the card for the first time. For reference, 1000 points is equivalent to $10. This card has no annual fee.
  • Holland America Visa – Earn points toward future Holland America cruises or special rewards once on board Holland America ships, including a 5,000 point bonus (worth $50 in onboard purchases) just for getting and using the card for the first time. There is no annual fee with this card.

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Is it worth it to transfer a credit card balance?

money-bagCredit card companies are again making eye-popping balance transfer offers in order to lure in new customers. Many are offering 12-month, 15-month, or even 18-month balance transfers at a 0% interest rate.

But how do you know if transferring a balance is a good idea or not? Is it worth it to open a new credit card just to save a few bucks of interest on your current card balances?
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0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

zero-percent2If you have a significant balance on your current credit card, it makes sense to find a new credit card that will let you transfer that balance and let it sit at a 0% interest rate while you pay it off. The credit cards below all offer a zero percent balance transfer rate for a limited period of time and have no annual fee:
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Review: Staples Credit Cards

staples-credit-cardsOffice supply superstore Staples, in partnership with Citi, offers a number of personal and business credit cards with varying benefits. Our review / profile of each Staples credit card is below:

  • The Staples Personal Credit Card obviously offers you the ability to stretch out payments instead of paying immediately, but it does offer a couple of other perks, one being that you are automatically upgraded to Premier Status in the Staples Rewards program, meaning you get a 55 rebate on all of your Staples purchases. You also get free shipping on all your Staples orders. However, the card has a 27.99% interest rate, which is ridiculously high — do not get this card if you have a habit of carrying balances, because the interest you pay will essentially cancel out the rewards you earn.

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Review: Kohl’s Credit Card

kohls_logoThe Kohl’s credit card is a credit card that can be used only for purchases at a Kohl’s department store or online at kohls.com. In almost every review of a department store credit card such as this, we would tell you that the card is only worth having if you pay off your full credit card balance each month. The reason is the exorbitant interest rates that store credit cards usually have — in the case of Kohl’s, that rate is 23.99%.
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Discount Tire Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Information

discount-tire-credit-cardThe Discount Tire credit card is issued in partnership with Synchrony Bank (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank), and it is Synchrony Bank you will interact with in order to pay your bill online or by mail, or to get customer service information. Below you’ll find all of the information you need to complete any of these tasks:

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Review: Caesars Total Rewards Credit Card

caesars-credit-cardCaesars casinos and resorts, in partnership with Comenity Bank, offers a credit card that allows you to earn Reward Credits toward future Caesars hotel stays, food, and more. Our overview / review of the card is below:

The full name of the card is the Caesars Total Rewards Visa, which means it is accepted not only at Caesars but also anywhere else Visa is accepted. Here at Credit Card Catalog we are partial to cards like this with wide acceptance versus cards that can only be used at a limited number of retailers. So, that is a point in this card’s favor.
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Fry’s Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Information

frys-credit-cardThe Fry’s store credit card is issued in partnership with First Electronic Bank, and it is First Electronic Bank you will deal with to pay your Fry’s card bill online or by mail, or to get customer service assistance. All of the information you need to complete any of these tasks is below:

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